Financial Planning Process – 1st Year

Synergos developed an automated, intuitive planning process that works at your pace. It will guide you step-by-step as we develop your plan. And, although it is automated, you will meet regularly with a human advisor who will help you shape your plan. The segmented times by month and quarter below are the typical timeline, but the planning milestones can happen sooner, or later, depending on when each step is completed on your timing.

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1st Month 2nd Month 3rd Month 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
  • Access RightCapital financial planning tool

  • Complete your initial financial profile

  • 1st meeting to review financial information

  • Upload requested documents to Vault
  • Complete values questionnaire

  • Define your vision and aspirations

  • Complete investment risk tolerance assessment

  • 2nd meeting to review questionnaires
  • Synergos completes entry of financial information in RightCapital

  • 3rd meeting to review results, scenarios and stress tests

  • Determine most appropriate scenario
  • Synergos delivers written plan with recommendations

  • 4th meeting to prioritize recommendations and create timeline for completing action items
  • Implement recommendations

  • Quarterly check-in to review plan progress and Synergos to assist with implementing action items
  • Monitor plan progress

  • Make adjustments where necessary and as circumstances dictate

  • Rollout 2nd year planning calendar



Financial Planning Process – 2nd Year On

Ongoing Financial Planning Services Calendar
1st Quarter
  • Update goals
  • Update financial information in RightCapital
  • Generate new projections
  • Tax filing preparation
2nd Quarter
  • Risk preference and capacity review
  • Portfolio review
3rd Quarter
  • Quarterly check in
  • Plan implementation progress review
4th Quarter
  • Employee open enrollment benefits review
  • End-of-year tax planning
  • Portfolio review and tax-loss harvesting opportunities


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