About Us

We develop comprehensive financial solutions to help you – STEM entrepreneurs and professionals – achieve the quality of life you aspire to.

Values Based

We will help you define what values and motivations are important to you.  They serve as the foundation for you to make informed financial decisions aligned with your goals and financial resources. We have found our clients are most successful when they can make that alignment.


It doesn’t end with just a financial plan. As we implement and monitor progress against goals, we will work closely with you, encouraging you to make positive changes in financial behavior. We will serve as your accountability partner, consistent with the collaborative process we advocate.

Fiduciary Duty

We always put our clients’ interests first. Synergos is a flat-fee advisor and does not sell any financial products or receive commissions, referral fees or payments from insurance or investment products.


We understand you lead a busy life.  So we’ve developed tools to facilitate online collaboration.  We want to ensure your time is well spent on the process – step-by-step at your pace.

Our Services



We develop comprehensive financial plans. The plans provide a 360° assessment of your household finances – including your cash flow and budgeting, cash reserves and debt management, statement of financial position, investment portfolio allocations, tax analysis, retirement planning, insurance protection, and estate planning. We provide recommendations to help you align your values, goals and financial resources. Peace of mind is knowing that you are on track.


Tax Planning and Preparation

Perhaps you have incentive or non-qualified stock options (ISOs and NSOs) or restricted stock units (RSUs) or employee stock purchase plans (ESPP). Knowing your options and how they are taxed can make a significant difference in your financial plans. Synergos models various scenarios and works with a team of CPAs to help you assess the timing of exercise and the tax impact so that you can make informed decisions. We also offer tax preparation services.



We have partnered with Trust & Will, a nationwide firm that works with financial advisors to help clients make estate plans. All documents have been designed and approved by estate planning attorneys to meet the highest legal standards.


Investment Management

Depending on what you are investing for and when you want it, we will recommend a portfolio specific to you. Built on Nobel Prize-winning research, your diversified portfolio is designed to help you earn more and achieve your goals.

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Tax Planning & Preparation